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KEF 2018

Krasnoyarsk economic forum
  • A.V. Dvorkovich КЭФ
    A.V. Dvorkovich Organizing Committee Chairman Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

    Dear Friends,

    I am happy to welcome you on behalf of the 15th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum organizers.

    This year we will address urgent issues united by topic “Russia 2018-2024: Reaching the Potential”.

    Participants of the Forum are going to discuss human capital and social development, business matters and dimensional organization of our country along with such vital questions as environment protection and impact it has on economy growth.

  • A.V. Uss КЭФ
    A.V. Uss Acting Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai


    Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum has always been a place for substantive, in-depth discussions on Russia’s economic development strategies. The Forum has been successfully introducing new ideas on how to boost electric power industry, metallurgical industry, oil production and wood processing along with space industry, scientific research and technology.  Development trends of the regions and new concepts of Russia’s economy growth have been discussed at its venues.

    A number of landmark decisions on launching large scale investment projects have been made at the Forum. Now we are witnessing the results such as Lower Angara project execution, oil and gas fields development in the northern territories, renovation of city infrastructure in the capital of Winter Universiade-2019  and construction of the largest Siberian airport.

  • Tigran Sowreni Sargsyan КЭФ
    Tigran Sowreni Sargsyan Chairman of the Board

    Dear friends and colleagues,

    It's my pleasure to welcome you to Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on behalf of Eurasian Economic Commission.

    2018 is the year of Russian presidency in Eurasian Economic Commission. President of Russia Vladimir Putin has recently made an announcement to the member countries stating that the Commission should inform people of our major priorities and encourage a more empowered and engaged citizenry.

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Business Development Agency and Microcredit Company Joint stock company Business Development Agency and Microcredit Company

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  • Администрация Губернатора Красноярского Края
  • Правительство Красноярского Края
  • SFU

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