Competitiveness is a central concept for economic policies which integrates the key objective and the basic means for successful development. The ability to compete in global markets comes as a condition for the wealth of countries, regions, cities, industries, corporations and every human being. The optics of competitiveness is predominant for effective development of institutes of public administration that ensure the success of the country as the sum of all successful strategies implemented by actors in economic development.

KEF’19 - Russian Competitiveness Summit
The Russian Government  
The Government of Krasnoyarsk Region
The Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
The members of the organizational committee are approved by the order of The Russian Government on December 27, 2010 №2433-p.  


Aleksandr Uss

The Governor of Krasnoyarsk Region

Dear friends and colleagues!

I welcome all participant and guests of XVI Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum!

The crucial objective of the forum rests the same - to discuss the best ideas and practice, that could build up the momentum for national economic growth.

The key theme this year is “Dynamic Russia. Factors for competitiveness”.

KEF’19 carries on in tradition and starts with a Youth platform, that focuses on ideas of comfort urban spaces development. The exhibition of large sectoral projects will take place under the auspices of the forum. The leading international experts in business and economics will take part in the festival, organized at Siberian Federal University. We are open to discuss the perspectives of synergy between regions and share the successful experience of “Eniseiskaya Sibir” investment development project.

I wish the seminal work, constructive dialogue and practically meaningful decisions for all the participants of the forum.

KEF’19 key participants

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KEF’19 program tracks

KEF’19 business program covers the key factors for competitiveness, from the quality of institutions and the health of the financial system to the infrastructure development and technologies.


Projects, instruments and public policy measures that would lead investment activity to a new level.



How to create highly productive jobs and exploit human potential in Russia?

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Russian Federation


How to make public sector efficient and geared to the challenging times?
What should be done to make regulations and institutes Russian competitive advantage?

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Accounts Chamber of Russia


How to make fuel and energy complex effective and well balanced and reduce the resource intensity of the economy?

Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation,Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation

Technologies and industries

How to scale up industries and economy in term of technologies?

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science


Russian infrastructure priorities and enhancement.

Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation


How to improve the quality and the speed for decision making at all levels? Technologies that will change management process.

Accounts Chamber of Russia, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation


Could space be a competitive advantage? Where will appear the new points of growth?

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

For partners and sponsors KEF’19

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KEF’19 partners

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KEF’19 Intellectual partners KPMG Центр НТИ Санкт-Петербургского университета Петра Великого Ассоциация «Технет» Аналитический центр "Форум"

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