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Krasnoyarsk kray - the second largest region of Russia. It stretches from the shores of the Arctic Ocean to the mountains of southern Siberia. An area of ​​2 339.7 thousand square meters. km, which is ten times that of the UK, or half of the European part of Russia.

Unique Siberian region stretched for three thousand miles along the most affluent Russian rivers - the Yenisei. He's connected with the history of development of the region and its capital base - Krasnoyarsk. Birthday Krasnoyarsk - December 7, 1934. And in 2005, merged with the edge of the Evenki and Taimyr autonomous districts. It is in the Evenk lake Vivi is the geographical center of Russia.

Unique and multifaceted Siberian region. This is a land of eternal ice in Taimyr, mighty mountains Sayan mysterious Putorana rich taiga, the country more than three hundred thousand lakes. Yenisei meridian divides not only the region, but also to Siberia in two, bringing wind, opens and closes the way for ships, as the main thread of life. But there is another point of reference - the Arctic Circle. The northern areas of the lion's share of the region. The number of people living there, especially indigenous peoples, small. And they live in a special way of life, preserving age-old traditions and preserving their ancestral land. Cherishes and supports Krasnoyarsk cultural identity of indigenous peoples - the Evenki, Nenets, Nganasans. Inhabitants of the region - is a big multinational family of Russian, Ukrainians, Tatars, and all those who call themselves Siberians, the owners of a strong character, which can cope with the exploitation of natural resources of the region.

No other areas in Russia with such a high natural resource potential. Krasnoyarsk is the first in the Russian timber resources (forests cover 69% of its territory). Here is the second largest gold mine in Russia Olimpiada. Region is one of the most promising areas of oil production in the country. In addition, the Krasnoyarsk region has Russia's largest hydropower potential. On the Yenisei one of the largest hydroelectric power plants - 20 active and one under construction.

Natural resources, a strong and competitive industrial capacity and competent management of the region are the terms of its high attractiveness. Among the subjects of the Russian Federation on the investment potential of the region is in the top ten. Of great importance for the economy of the region is a complex project of the Lower Angara region, which includes the construction of Boguchanskaya HPP and Boguchany aluminum plant.

The edge is in step with the times, increasing the innovativeness of the economy. According to the monitoring, the edge is on the level of innovation 7th place in the country. High-tech equipment and intellectual development are being implemented in many areas. Employ the scientific and educational potential of the region - the Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research and design (by branches of biophysics, chemistry, information and computer technology, petroleum engineering, and others), as well as 48 universities, including the Siberian Federal University.

The main center of the country's innovation in the field of nuclear and space became Zheleznogorsky cluster. Project "Krasnoyarsk Technopark", new areas of innovation system in the region.

Today Krasnoyarsk rightfully earned the title of the territory of large-scale projects, best in the region, which defines the future of Siberia and Russia.