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MEDIA ACCREDITATION RULES 15th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum


1.1. Accreditation of media representatives (hereinafter - the media) at the 15th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (hereinafter - the Forum is carried out in order to:

  • ensure extensive, free and prompt coverage of Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum events in the media;
  • provide the conditions necessary for the media representatives to discharge their professional duties in preparing and disseminating complete and reliable information about the events.

1.2. Media representative accreditation is mandatory to work at the Forum events.

1.3. The number of media representatives who may participate in the event is limited owing to the Organizers’ wish to ensure the most comfortable working conditions for media representatives and prompt access to all the necessary resources of “Siberia” International Exhibition Business Center, Krasnoyarsk).


2.1. Media accreditation applications can be submitted both by Russian and foreign media representatives. Wherein:

  • Russian media must be registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (hereinafter - Roskomnadzor);
  • foreign media representatives must hold accreditation with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Accreditation rules)

2.2. The number of accredited media representatives

2.2.1. The media have the right to accredit the following number of representatives:

  • TV Channels: 2 film crews (reporter + cameraman);
  • Print media: 2 reporters, 1 photographer;
  • Digital media: 2 reporters, 1 photographer;
  • Radio: 2 reporters.

2.2.2. The number of media representatives from the media partners of the Forum is determined in accordance with agreements on information partnership.

2.2.3. The Organizers have the right to increase the quota pursuant to an official and duly substantiated request from a media outlet.

2.3. The submission and processing of accreditation

2.3.1. Media representatives wishing to participate in covering the activities of the Forum should submit the accreditation application (hereinafter - the Application) through the official website of the 15th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

2.3.2. All fields of the accreditation form must be completed; special attention should be paid to mandatory fields marked by an asterisk (*). Applications that do not meet the requirements of this paragraph shall not be considered.

2.3.3. The applications submission period - from March 1 to April 6, 2018.

2.3.4. The list of accredited media will be posted on the Forum website no later than April 9, 2018.

2.3.5. The accreditation is valid on all days of the Forum from 12 to 14 April 2018.

2.4. Issue of accreditation badges (hereinafter - the badge).

2.4.1. Issuance of badges is carried out in the city of Krasnoyarsk in the areas of accreditation (the information will be posted on the Forum website).

2.4.2. The badge is issued subject to the following conditions:

  • if accreditation is confirmed in the Forum database;
  • upon presentation of a passport (passport number must match the number specified in the Forum database) and editorial certificate or official letter on media organization letterhead signed by the Head and stamped (for Russian media), or accreditation card of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (for foreign media representatives).

2.4.3. The badge is nominal and cannot be transferred to third parties during the Forum. The badge should be worn for the whole period of the Forum.

2.4.4. Any other accreditation cards are not valid in the Forum.

2.4.5. In case of loss, theft or damage the badge will be reissued. Please immediately inform the administrator at any information desk.

2.5. Refusal of accreditation

2.5.1. The organizers have the right to deny accreditation to:

  • persons who are not representatives of the media (see paragraph 2.1 of the Rules.);
  • representatives of media that specialize exclusively in advertising, reference publications or highly specialized subjects not related to the subject of the event (with the exception of industry publications).

2.5.2. Forum organizers reserve the right to refuse accreditation without explanation.


3.1. Accredited media representatives have the right to:

  • use all the services specifically set up for journalists;
  • receive information on the event’s official information (press releases, business programme, list of participants, etc.);
  • attend all the activities of the Forum, except for private events or activities with limited access;
  • work in the press center during the official activities of the Forum and use the press center facilities;
  • participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events;
  • get the assistance of the press service of the Forum in organizing interviews with the key figures involved in the activities of the Forum;

3.2. A media representative undertakes the following obligations:

  • when using official information and citing statements by participants, media representatives must follow the Mention Policy section , in particular, finished materials must mention “Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum” and the source of information. Digital media, websites of print media, media blogs must contain a link to the official website of the Forum and/or the official hashtag #KEF2018. No alterations, additions, or distortions are permitted in the copied (cited) information.
  • when obtaining information from individuals and officials, media representatives must inform them that audio or video or camera recording is being conducted and photos are being taken;
  • to suspend (stop) photography or videography at the request of security officers working at the Forum.
  • when discharging their professional duties, to present upon demand their media ID or other documents confirming the identity and powers of the journalist;
  • not to use their professional capabilities to conceal information or falsify publicly significant information, spread rumors disguised as reliable information, to collect information to the advantage of third persons or an organization that is not a media outlet;
  • media representative shall also bear other duties established by legislation the Russian Federation on mass media.