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Arkady Dvorkovich: "Business support tools are often not used properly"

22 Apr 2017 / 12:40

Issues concerning inefficient business support have been raised at the plenary session of the KEF today. Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich partly agreed with the businessmen's claims on using the state support tools in improper way.

Ermolay Solzhenitsyn, Senior partner of McKinsey Company spoke about proposals and claims of business representatives. A significant number of entrepreneurs noted lack of stability and predictability in small and medium-sized businesses support. "When new governor comes, new benefits for business may suddenly appear. Every new manager wants to help in his own way. It would be better if there were some mechanisms allowing all these rules to be reviewed", he said.

The participants of the forum also talked about the need for transparency in state orders and investment projects of large companies, the use of long-term tariffs, the involvement of business in the process of legislation.

Arkady Dvorkovich commented on these results of the KEF: "I have a feeling that almost everything that our businesses would like to get from the government has been already done but not in the right way. We pass a long-term budget, but in fact it is changed every year, so our obligations that seemed to be fixed for three years cannot be fulfilled. We approve long-term tariffs in some areas but then change them. We have plans for state-owned companies’ procurements that are being changed all the time. That is, we have almost all these tools introduced, but we do not use them in a proper way. As for the involvement of businesses into legislation, those who are interested in it may just keep track of the process".

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