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«Деловой квартал-Красноярск»

Интернет - портал
«Деловой квартал-Красноярск» Интернет - портал «Деловой квартал-Красноярск»

The DK.RU business portal gives the impression of the day for businessmen.

The target audience of the portal are active businessmen of Krasnoyarsk region and Krasnoyarsk city: big companies top management, business owners, public authorities, professionals and middle management, those who are interested in the business life of the region, make business decisions, as well as active consumers of various goods and services.

The average daily traffic is over 4 800 unique users. Visit depth is 7 minutes and more.

Subscription based addressed mailing of daily news is available.

The Business Quater Journal is a prestigious periodical of Krasnoyarsk region, the only journal of the region that writes about businesses for businessmen.

The target audience of the Journal are business owners and top management of big businesses, CEOs of Siberian branches of the Russian and international companies, private entrepreneurs, public authorities, PR specialists, middle management, etc.

Printing run: 3 000 copies.


  • subscription database: companies top management, business owners, public authorities
  • places of target audience concentration : business forums, exhibitions, business centers, private clinics, etc.

Periodicity: once a month.