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ГТРК «Красноярск»

ГТРК «Красноярск» Филиал ФГУП «ВГТРК» ГТРК «Красноярск»

The State broadcasting company «Krasnoyarsk» is a branch of the Federal state enterprise VGTRK and the oldest broadcasting company in the Krasnoyarsk territory. Last year the company celebrated its 60th anniversary.

The State broadcasting company "Krasnoyarsk" carries out broadcasting at once on two Federal TV channels: Russia 1 and Russia 24. 12 issues of the news program «Vesti.Krasnoyarsk» are aired daily. The main information results of the day are summed up at 20.45 on Russia 1.

Russia 24 is the only Russian information channel broadcasting 24 hours a day. World news and news of Russian regions. Analytical economic programs and interviews with influential people. 2 informational issues of the program " Vesti.Krasnoyarsk " aired daily on Russia 24.

Almost 3 million people watch «Vesti.Krasnoyarsk" throughout the region daily. According to the latest ratings the program "Vesti.Krasnoyarsk" is a confident leader, taking the first place for the last 12 months.

«Radio of Russia. Krasnoyarsk" (94,5 FM) is the oldest radio station in the Krasnoyarsk territory. The first radio broadcasts were aired in 1927. Today "Radio of Russia. Krasnoyarsk" is the only one of the many radio stations broadcasting to the whole Krasnoyarsk territory.

Radio "Mayak. Krasnoyarsk" (106,6 FM) is an authoritative state information and music station of round-the-clock broadcasting. Despite its age, the radio station "Mayak" is still very popular, both among the older generation and young people. From early morning until late at night hot news from Krasnoyarsk are issued 10 minutes before an every even hour at the "Mayak" station.