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«ИЦ «Городские новости»

МП г. Красноярска
«ИЦ «Городские новости» МП г. Красноярска «ИЦ «Городские новости»

The newspaper "City news" is an objective, accurate and timely information about all spheres of urban life. The newspaper is the official printed publication of the city administration of Krasnoyarsk

In the market of print media the newspaper “City news” works for 20 years, has the largest circulation among the Newspapers of the city

Today the newspaper “City news” enjoys a high degree of credibility and successfully builds the readers of public opinion on many issues thanks to strong business reputation.

According to a leading research company in the field of media and advertising TNS “Gallup Media”, the newspaper takes the first place among daily Newspapers Krasnoyarsk in scope of readership.

In 2006, the publication became the winner of the competition of mass media "All Russia" in 2010 and in 2013, the journal became the winner of regional competition "Siberia — territory of hopes" in the nomination "City newspaper".

The publication is the owner of the mark "Golden press Fund" in 2014, 2015,2016 , which is assigned to the best publications in the country. In 2017. the publication is recognized as the Best print publication of the Krasnoyarsk region in the journalistic competition "Krasnoyarsk feathers-2017".