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ИД «Сибирский (Resfo)»

ИД «Сибирский (Resfo)» ООО ИД «Сибирский (Resfo)»

About the project

Siberian business Explorer RESFO.RU is an independent resource that provides visitors with complete information online, using all types of modern content.

Basic information details — business news, the activities of Federal and regional authorities, economic information.

The mission of the project

The project aims to discuss the most important issues of the economic situation in the Siberian Federal district; the modern trends that determine the development of Russia's key region; promoting the values, innovative ideas and talented individuals; to promote the regional and domestic business.

Offers the audience an objective and comprehensive view on important events and facts about the Siberian Federal district.

Strategic objectives

  • Providing information about the Siberian business and its capabilities;
  • Support for important initiatives and events, which is the business of the SFO;
  • Assistance to the Siberian companies, brands and innovation;
  • Increase of investment attractiveness of Siberia as a whole and its individual regions