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«ВЕДИ» (медиа-портал «Столица 24»)

«ВЕДИ» (медиа-портал «Столица 24») ООО «ВЕДИ» (медиа-портал «Столица 24»)

Media portal Stolitca24 is a modern electronic news resource, filled with up-to-date information, interesting analytical materials and exclusive records. The resource combines professionalism and experience, but it is always opened to the new visions. Media portal Stolitca24 cooperates with many writers, journalists, political scientists and regional media agents. All this allows the reader to get a full-fledged information picture of not only the city, but the whole region.

The mission of the media portal Stolitca24 is the creation of a unified information space in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. To this end, the media portal Stolitca24 cooperates with more than 47 broadcasters. In addition, the media portal helps to strengthen the positions of civil society, supports non-profit organizations and important social initiatives.

Who is our reader? First of all, this is a mature and thinking person, who wants to independently create their own information tape, receive fresh news and unbiased opinions in a convenient format. Media portal Stolitca24 is not limited only to the information site. There are several platforms for the transfer of content. They are the social networks, applications and information support for the events of the city and the region.