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The broadcaster «Channel 7 Krasnoyarsk» first aired on 7th of April 1999.

Today «Channel 7 Krasnoyarsk» is one of the most popular broadcasters in the city. It’s TV programs are consistently rated in the top three of all the broadcasters in Krasnoyarsk and are very popular among television viewers.

During the 19 years of the company’s existence, lots of large TV projects, TV shows and films about the life of the city and the country were aired, many of which received local and national awards.

«Channel 7 Krasnoyarsk» is a constantly developing channel with a long and interesting history, a highly professional team and many new projects and ideas every day.

«Channel 7 Krasnoyarsk» broadcasts the TV programs, which have the highest ratings, such as the everyday informational program «Channel 7 News» and «The sport club».

«Channel 7 News» is the main news of Krasnoyarsk. Throughout the past 19 years thanks to this program, the citizens of Krasnoyarsk have been getting comprehensive information about the day’s events. The correspondents of «Channel 7 News» carefully select only the most significant and interesting stories from the many potential features. The aim is to create a full picture of the day to its viewers. For some years now, this program has been rated among the leading three in the market.

«The sport club» was the winner of the competition «TEFI-Region» in 2017. It is a weekly program about sport and the active lifestyle of the city and the region. The content of each episode is a type of investigation, because it is only possible to get this kind of information from a primary source.

The message of the program is to promote good sportsmanship.