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Aleksander Uss: Siberia has to become a profitable brand

14 Apr 2018 / 16:13

Investment projects of Yenisei Siberia will have to transform the economy of the region and make Siberian brands profitable.

Yenisei Siberia is a set of large-scale business projects that are thoroughly prepared and able to become drivers of Russia's economic growth. The implementation of such large-scale projects is too difficult for one region to handle so a contract between federal and regional authorities is needed.

He also addressed such issue as cooperation between regional business enterprises that has had a massive impact on economic and social progress. One of the recent cooperation of this kind led to construction of the new Krasnoyarsk airport and may result in establishing an international transport hub.

“Significant economic gains are arising from developing the brand of Siberia. We have to pay particular attention to making Siberia a profitable brand at the same time turning our region into a place that travelers would be more likely to visit,” he added.